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The Right Bloc is a minor Czech political party, founded in 1996 by Petr Cibulka. The party is known for running very old candidates; the party fielded the oldest candidate in every legislative election from 2002 until 2010. The record for the oldest candidate is from the 2002 election, when the party fielded a 97-year-old candidate.[2]


Although the Right Bloc is the original name, several sentences have been added to the official name of the party since then. Cibulka stated that this was done to overcome a press blockade.[3]

The full official name of the party is:

Vote for the Right Bloc the party for the easy and fast RECALL of politicians and state officials directly by the citizens, for LOW taxes, a BALANCED budget, the MINIMIZATION of bureaucracy, a JUST and UNCORRUPT police force and legal system, PUBLIC REFERENDA and DIRECT democracy WWW.CIBULKA.NET, campaigning with the best anti-criminal program of DIRECT democracy


- but even with many other REASONS why we should ALL go to vote this time, but - unless we want to be deceived, cheated and robbed AGAIN - DON'T VOTE for any of the ruling parliamentary parties of this (post)-Communist criminal "cop"-ocracy!!! which asks for electoral support from all Czech citizens and taxpayers who want to change the current criminal situation of which we are all victims into its polar opposite. IN THE STRUGGLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL, TRUTH AND LIES, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE NEUTRAL AND STILL REMAIN RESPECTABLE!!! For this reason we thank you for your help!!!


Cibulka founded the party in 1996,[4] as a split from the Democratic Union. Petr Cibulka became party leader, and another prominent member of the party was Jaroslav Anděl, who later became honorary chairman. Anděl ran unsuccessfully in the 1996 Senate election.[5][6]

In 2002, the party participated in legislative elections for the first time, having been disqualified from the 1998 election for failing to meet requirements.[7][8] In this election, Jaroslav Anděl became the oldest candidate in the history of the Czech Republic during the election. He was 97 years old.[2] The party has never passed the 5% threshold in any legislative election.

In 2009, the party received 1 per cent of the vote in the European Parliament election, qualifying for state funding.[9]

The party nominated Cibulka as its candidate in the 2013 presidential election, but he was able to collect only 300 signatures of the required 50,000, and did not qualify as a candidate.[10]

In April 2017, the party submitted an incomplete financial report, and the Chamber of Deputies submitted a proposal for the dissolution of the party.[11]

Election results

Chamber of Deputies

Year Vote Vote % Seats
2002 28,163 0.59
0 / 200
2006 20,382 0.38
0 / 200
2010 24,750 0.47
0 / 200
2013 1,225 0.02
0 / 200
2017 491 0.01
0 / 200
2021 586 0.01
0 / 200

European Parliament

Year Vote Vote % Seats
2004 27,504 1.17
0 / 200
2009 23,612 1.00
0 / 200

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