Royal Numismatic Society of Belgium

The Royal Numismatic Society of Belgium, known in Dutch as the Koninklijk Belgisch Genootschap voor Numismatiek and in French as the Société Royale de Numismatique de Belgique, is a society focusing on the field of numismatics.[1]

About the Society

The Society was founded on 28 November 1841. It celebrated its 150th anniversary in 1991, when a history of the society was written. It is a non-profit organization under the High Protection of the King of the Belgians.


The Society publishes the journal Revue Belge de Numismatique et de Sigillographie and an annual bibliography of numismatics (since 1988).


The Society awards two prizes: Prix de la Société Royale de Numismatique de Belgique and the Prix Hubertus Goltzius.

Prix de la Société Royale de Numismatique de Belgique

Awarded every four years. Inaugurated in 1976, and first awarded in 1981.

Prix Hubertus Goltzius

Awarded every three years. To be awarded for the first time in 2019.


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