Ruhmeshalle (Wuppertal)

Wuppertal Ruhmeshalle historisch 0002.jpg
The Barmer Ruhmeshalle, c 1900
Former names Kaiser Wilhelm- und Friedrich-Ruhmeshalle
Alternative names Haus der Jugend
General information
Type Hall of Fame
Town or city Wuppertal
Country Germany
Coordinates 51°16′17″N 7°12′12″E / 51.27139°N 7.20333°E / 51.27139; 7.20333Coordinates: 51°16′17″N 7°12′12″E / 51.27139°N 7.20333°E / 51.27139; 7.20333

The Barmer Ruhmeshalle is a historic building in the Barmen district of the German town of Wuppertal, originally built as a hall of fame. It was officially known as the Kaiser Wilhelm- und Friedrich-Ruhmeshalle and later as the Haus der Jugend.


  • Lutz Engelskirchen: Die Barmer Ruhmeshalle. Von Bürgertum und Bürgergeist in Barmen. Göttingen: Cuvillier, 1996. ISBN 3-89588-405-7

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