List of rulers of Thuringia

This is a list of the rulers of Thuringia, a historical and political region of Central Germany.

Kings of Thuringia

Conquered by the Franks.

Frankish dukes of Thuringia

Merovingian dukes
  • 632-642 Radulf I, "King of Thuringia" after 641
  • 642-687 Heden I
  • 687-689 Gozbert
  • 689-719 Heden II, son
Carolingian dukes
Ruled by the Margraves of Meissen

Landgraves of Thuringia



Coat of arms of Landgrave Albert, 1265

House of Wettin

The Ludovingian coat of arms, shown as the coat of arms of the landgraves of both Hesse and Thüringen in the Ingeram Codex of 1459.