Saint Nohra

Saint Nohra (also Nuhra), St. Lucius or Mar Nohra was a Maronite saint and mar, still popular in Lebanon today. The saint's name derives from Aramaic, meaning "light".[1] He was born in Persia (modern day Iran) in the third century,[citation needed] and is not to be confused with Pope Lucius I.[1]

According to the Maronite synaxarion, his day of remembrance is 22 July.[1][2] Also according to the Maronite Synaxarion, it is mentioned that he has travelled preaching the Gospel and suffered martyrdom in Smar Jbeil, Batroun, Lebanon. His name in Syriac means "light" and he is the patron saint of anyone suffering from blindness or eye diseases. His Church in Smar Jbeil is in the center of the town, on the main street leading the travelers to Batroun.

Churches and monasteries dedicated to Saint Nohra

Churches and monasteries, located in Lebanon, dedicated to Saint Nohra include:


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