Saint Saviour, Jersey

Saint Saviour
Saint Sa没veur  (Norman)
Saint-Sauveur  (French)
Parish Hall of Saint Saviour
Parish Hall of Saint Saviour
Coat of arms of Saint Saviour
Location of Saint Saviour Saint-Sauveur Saint Sa没veux in Jersey
Location of Saint Saviour
Saint Sa没veux in Jersey
Crown Dependency Jersey, Channel Islands
 鈥 Conn茅table Sadie Sueur-Rennard
 鈥 Total 9.3 km2 (3.6 sq mi)
Area rank Ranked 8th
 鈥 Total 13,580
 鈥 Density 1,500/km2 (3,800/sq mi)
Time zone GMT
 鈥 Summer (DST) UTC+01
Postcode district
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St. Saviour (J猫rriais: St Sa没veur; French: Saint-Sauveur) is a parish of Jersey in the Channel Islands. It is located directly east of St. Helier. It has a population of 13,580.[2] It has a land surface area of 3.6 square miles (9.3 km2) and has a very small coastline at Le Dicq.

The parish is quite urbanised, hosting the suburbs and exurbs for the town of St. Helier. The most notable settlement is located around the Five Oaks area in the centre of the parish and Georgetown in the South. The village of Maufant is located on the boundary with St. Martin.


The parish's name derives from Jesus Christ as the Redeemer (Sanctus Salvator). The parish church's full dedication is to St Saviour of the Thorn.

The parish crest displays a thorn with three nails, to represent the Saviour's suffering.

Government House, official residence of the Lieutenant-Governor, is situated in St. Saviour

Government House is the official residence of the Lieutenant-Governor, the Queen's representative in Jersey. It was originally known as Belmont and was acquired in 1821. It was originally constructed in 1814.[3]

The parish church existed at least as early as 1087. Within its precincts, when plague was raging in 1563, the Royal Court of Jersey found a refuge, by permission granted of Hugh Perrin, on whose fief the building stood.[4] Extensive repairs took place on the church in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The church and parish hall are located half way along the road known as St Saviour's Hill. In the 19th Century the road was opened on its current route. Before then, the road ran through the current grounds of Government House. There was formerly an inn in what is now part of the cemetery of the church.[5]


The parish is a first-level administrative division of the Bailiwick of Jersey, a British Crown dependency. The highest official in the parish is the Conn茅table of St. Saviour. The incumbent office holder is Sadie Le Sueur-Rennard, who has held the office since 2011.[6] The parish administration is headquartered at the Parish Hall, next to the parish church.

At present, the parish forms three electoral districts for States Assembly elections and elects five Deputies, as well as eight Senators in an islandwide constituency. The current Deputies for St. Saviour are listed below.[7] Under the proposed electoral reform, St. Saviour will form a single constituency, electing five representatives alongside its Conn茅table.[8]

Electoral districts and vigntaines of St. Saviour
District Vigntaines Deputy/ies
1 La Vingtaine de la Petite Longueville Jeremy Ma莽on

Kevin Pamplin

2 La Vingtaine de Sous l'脡glise Kevin Lewis

Louise Doublet

3 La Vingtaine de Maufant

La Vingtaine de Sous la Hougue

La Vingtaine des Pigneaux

La Vingtaine de la Grande Longueville

Jess Perchard


Bagatelle Road in Saint Saviour

St Saviour is in the east of the island of Jersey. It borders Trinity, St Martin, Grouville, St Clement and St Helier.

The south of the parish is a highly urbanised part of town, focused around Georgetown and Five Oaks. The area in the south is known as Georgetown, Plat Douet and Longueville. It is near Howard Davis Park and has a short piece of coastline, the only one in the parish. It is also home to the Rue des Pr猫s Trading Estate. The Five Oaks area is home to many schools and suburban housing for St Helier.

The remainder of the parish is largely rural, save for a few small developments such as Maufant Village (split between St Saviour and St Martin) and the houses near Queen's Valley Reservoir. The Grands Vaux reservoir runs along the border of St Saviour and St Helier.

In terms of transport, the parish has many main roads that run through the parish to connect to other parishes, such as La Grande Route de Saint-Martin and Longueville Road. Part of the St Helier Ring Road is located within St Saviour.

The parish does not have any green lanes. The parish's Conn茅table Sadie Le Sueur-Rennard said 'I can't see where we would have a green lane',[9] although the parish has a large number of lanes (including lanes that border green lanes in St Martin).


Saint Saviour is Jersey's second most populated parish, with 13,580 residents in 2011.

Historical population
Year Pop. 卤%
1991 12,747 鈥    
1996 12,680 鈭0.5%
2001 12,491 鈭1.5%
2011 13,580 +8.7%

Twin towns

St. Saviour is twinned with:



The parish is home to a very large number of schools. Many of the schools have an island-wide student body, and therefore during school pick-up and drop-off times the roads in the parish can become very congested.

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