Salvator Attanasio

Salvator Attanasio (September 9, 1913 – June 3, 1993)[1] was an American literary translator, who translated over 200 works of literature, history and philosophy.[2]

Attanasio translated the autobiographies of Marlene Dietrich and Alexandra Kollantai, biographies of Dante and Goethe, philosophical works by Etienne Gilson, and work by a variety of Roman Catholic writers, including Hans Küng and Joseph Ratzinger.



  • The Victory of Father Karl by Otto Pies. Translated from the German. 1957
  • A Priest and his Dog by Jean Gautier. Translated from the French. 1957.
  • Make Your Mind Work for You by Jean Guitton. Translated from the French. 1958.
  • The Dead Sea scrolls and primitive Christianity by Jean Daniélou. Translated from the French Manuscrits de la mer Morte et les origines du christianisme. 1958.
  • Belgium by Paul Schoenen. Translated from the German. 1959.
  • Central Italy: Tuscany and Umbria by Wolfgang Braunfels. Translated from the German. 1959.
  • Dance on the volcano by Marie Chauvet. Translated from the French La danse sur le volcan. 1959.
  • (tr. with Otto de Vuchetich) Story of the Turks, from empire to democracy by Richard Peters. 1959.
  • Mountain without Stars by Maurice Zermatten. Translated from the French La Montagne sans étoiles. 1960.
  • Captain of the Ile by Raoul de Beaudéan. Translated from the French Service a la mer. 1960.
  • God of the scientists: God of the experiment by Rémy Chauvin. 1960.
  • Hitler's Secret Book by Adolf Hitler. Translated from the German Hitlers zweites Buch, with an introduction by Telford Taylor. 1961.
  • Père Jacques by Michel Carrouges. Translated from the French. 1961.
  • The peace of St. Francis by Maria Sticco. Translated from the Italian, with an introduction by Agostino Gemelli. 1962.
  • The call of St. Clare by Henri Daniel-Rops. Translated from the French Claire dans la clarté. 1963.
  • An opportunity for faith by Wilfrid Busenbender. Translated from the German Die Welt als Chance des Glaubens. 1963.
  • The Arabs: a compact history by Francesco Gabrieli. 1963.
  • The book of Joseph by Renée Zeller. Translated from the French Joseph le charpentier. 1963.
  • The Popes: Papal history in picture and word by Leonard von Matt and Hans Kühner. Translated from the German Die Päpste. 1963.
  • Wit and wisdom of good Pope John by Henri Fesquet. Translated from the French. 1964.
  • Structures of the Church by Hans Küng. Translated from the German Strukturen der Kirche. 1964.
  • The Secret Ways of Prayer by R. L. Bruckberger, O.P. Translated from the French. 1964.
  • (tr. with Darrell Likens Guder) The Easter Message today: 3 essays by Leonhard Goppelt, Helmut Thielicke and Hans-Rudolf Müller-Schwefe. Translated from the German. 1964.
  • The life and times of St. Francis by Agostino Ghilardi. 1965.
  • Russia invaded; from Genghis Khan to Hitler by Mario Francini. 1965.
  • (tr. with others) Nazi culture. Intellectual, cultural and social life in the Third Reich ed. by George L. Mosse. 1965.
  • Forms and substances in the arts by Etienne Gilson. Translated from the French Matieres et formes. 1966.
  • The life and times of Goethe by Horst Hohendorf. Translated from the German. 1967.
  • The German question ed. by Walther Hubatsch et al. Translated from the German Die deutsche Frage. 1967.
  • The life and times of Dante by Maria Luisa Rizzatti. Translated from the Italian. 1967.
  • Manuel de Falla by Suzanne Demarquez. Translated from the French. 1968.
  • Cervantes; his life, his times, his works ed. by Thomas Goddard Bergin. Translated from the Italian. 1970.
  • From Calvin to Rousseau; tradition and modernity in socio-political thought from the Reformation to the French Revolution by Herbert Lüthy. Translated from the French Le passé présent: combats d'idées de Calvin à Rousseau. 1970.
  • The search for a third way; My path between East and West by Heinz Brandt. Translated from the German Ein Traum, der nicht entführbar ist. 1970.
  • The Eternal Yes by Karl Rahner. Translated from the German. 1970.
  • Philosophy, technology, and the arts in the early modern era by Paolo Rossi. Translation from the Italian I filosofi e le macchine, edited by Benjamin Nelson. 1970.
  • The counter-revolution: doctrine and action, 1789-1804 by Jacques Godechot. Translated from the French. 1971.
  • The Autobiography of a sexually emancipated Communist woman by Alexandra Kollantai. Translated from the German Autobiographie einer sexuell emanzipierten Kommunistin, with an introduction by Germaine Greer. 1971.
  • The Church and the Sacraments by Louis Eveley. Translated from the French. 1971.
  • Columbus was Chinese: discoveries and inventions of the Far East by Hans Breuer. Translated from the German Kolumbus war Chinese. 1972.
  • Questions, answers, questions: from the biography of a German Marxist by Robert Havemann. Translated from the German Fragen, Antworten, Fragen. 1972.
  • The key to heaven: edifing tales from Holy Scripture to serve as teaching and warning by Leszek Kołakowski. 1972.
  • Blessed is the peace of my church by Yves Congar. Translated from the French. 1973.
  • How to read the Bible : twenty-five lessons in dialogue form with reading lessons for thirty-three weeks by Jean Martucci. Translated from the French Comment lire la Bible. 1973.
  • Allow yourself to be forgiven: penance today by Karl Rahner. Translation from the German Man darf sich vergeben lassen. 1974.
  • The sky-god An-Anu by Herman Wohlstein. Translation from the German. 1976.
  • Never again without a rifle : the origins of Italian terrorism by Alessandro Silj. Translated from the Italian Mai più senza fucile!. 1977.
  • Exodus, a hermeneutics of freedom by J. Severino Croatto. Translated from the Spanish. 1978.
  • Freedom and domination: a historical critique of civilization by Alexander Rüstow. Abbreviated translation from the German Ortsbestimmung der Gegenwart. 1980. Ed. with an intro. by Dankwart A. Rustow
  • I wish I could believe by Juan López-Pedraz. Translated from Cuando se está perdiendo la fe. 1983.
  • The last day of Jesus an enriching portrayal of the passion by Gerhard Lohfink. Translated from the German. 1984.
  • (tr. with Graham Harrison) The Ratzinger report : an exclusive interview on the state of the Church by Joseph Ratzinger with Vittorio Messori. Translated from the authorized German manuscript. 1985.
  • The court-martial of Jesus: a Christian defends the Jews against the charge of deicide by Weddig Fricke. Translated from the German Standrechtlich gekreuzigt. 1990.
  • What are the Targums? : selected texts by Pierre Grelot. Translated from the French Les Targoums. 1992.

Other works

  • 'A surgical survey of a center of learning' in Sebastiano Martelli, ed., Rimanelliana : studi su Giose Rimanelli = studies on Giose Rimanelli, 2000.


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