Schneider-Creusot, or Schneider et Cie, was a historic French iron and steel-mill which became a major arms manufacturer. After World War II, it eventually evolved into Schneider Electric.


Eugène Schneider (1805–1875)
A Schneider-Creusot 030-T steam locomotive

In 1836, Adolphe Schneider and his brother Eugène Schneider bought iron-ore mines and forges around Le Creusot (Saône-et-Loire). They developed a business dealing in steel, railways, armaments, and shipbuilding.[1]

The Creusot steam hammer was built in 1877.

Somua, a subsidiary located near Paris, made machinery and vehicles, including the SOMUA S35 tank.



Mountain guns

Other artillery

Schneider Trophy

Starting in 1911, Jacques Schneider offered the Schneider Trophy. It was a competition for seaplanes, with a large and prestigious prize.


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