Selphie Bong

Selphie Bong (born 4 March 1987 in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia), was one of the youngest successful Indonesian designer. Her parents name Sutomo Bong and Suriafi, her two sibling is Selly Bong and Selvany Bong.


She joined a few fashion week and designed for Beauty Pageant contestant right after her graduation show. She was attached with Eco Chic organization in Hong Kong, she was the only Indonesian designer who was picked to be haute couture designer in the Year of Biodiversity in 2010 in Geneva by United Nations among with the other prime international designer such as Diane von F├╝rstenberg, Reem Alasadi, John Rocha and many more. Her designed was worn by many international speaker, and actresses.

She moved to Jakarta in the 2008 to open a custom-made studio, then she opened the first controversial boutique in Ubud, Bali 9 September 2009. Her design was too glamorous to be sold in Ubud. She now owned a few stores own privately, which mainly located in Bali.

Selphie Bong was noted as one of the top 15 fashion designer in Indonesia and was called the Indonesian Christian Dior.[1]


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