Semien Province

Semien Province (Amharic: ሰሜን, “Northern”) was a historical province of northwest Ethiopia, often called Gondar. It was located south and west of the Tekezé River, and north of Lake Tsana. It was south of Tigray Province, west of Tembien Province, and east of the Sudan. To some extent it covered the territory of the former Begemder Province, now known as the Semien Gondar Zone. While its borders varied considerably over time, it often included the city of Gondar. Other towns were Adi Arkay, Adi Remets, Dabat, Derasghie, Mesfinto, and Sekota del Semien.

The highest point was Ras Dashen in the Semien Mountains.


Semien Province is a district of Gondar Belonging to the Amhara people

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