Senior Minister of Punjab (Pakistan)

Senior Minister of Punjab
سینئر وزیر پنجاب
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Abdul Aleem Khan

since 27 August 2018
Government of Punjab
Style Mr. Senior Minister
Honourable Senior Minister
Status Senior Member of the Cabinet of Punjab
Member of Government of Punjab, Provincial Assembly of Punjab
Reports to Chief Minister of Punjab
Seat 90-A Shahrah e Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore
Nominator Chief Minister of Punjab
Appointer Governor of Punjab, Pakistan
Term length As long as the current assembly remains in power and/or on the wish of Chief Minister
Formation Constitution of Pakistan
(12 April 1973)
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The Senior Minister of Punjab is a title sometimes given to a senior Cabinet minister in the Government of Punjab. It implies seniority over all other Ministers in terms of Cabinet rank, but has no specific powers or authority attached to it beyond that of any other Minister. The post is de facto second in Government, although neither of these posts confers the right to succeed a Chief Minister who becomes incapacitated or resigns.

The title is not always in use, so there have sometimes been extended gaps between successive holders of the title.

Abdul Aleem Khan is the current Senior Minister of Punjab.

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