List of Serbian–Ottoman conflicts

Serbian–Ottoman wars
Part of the Ottoman wars in Europe
Date October 1352 – 30 May 1913
(560 years and 7 months)
Result Serbia under Ottoman rule for centuries, ultimately regained independence in the 19th century
 Ottoman Empire

Flag of the Serbian Empire, reconstruction.svg Serbian Empire
Coat of arms of Moravian Serbia.svg Moravian Serbia
Despot of Serbia.png Serbian Despotate
Revolutionary Serbia
Civil Flag of Serbia.svg Principality of Serbia
State Flag of Serbia (1882-1918).svg Kingdom of Serbia
Supported by:

Commanders and leaders
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Sultan Flag of Serbia 1281.svg Serbian Kings
Flag of the Serbian Empire, reconstruction.svg Serbian Emperor
Despot of Serbia.png Serbian Despot

These Serbian–Ottoman conflicts or Serbian–Turkish conflicts include those of medieval Serbia against the Ottoman Empire, until World War I and during the Yugoslav wars (modern Turkey).

Middle Ages

Early encounters
Fall of the Serbian Empire
Serbian Despotate

In 1471, the Serbian Despotate was renewed in exile as a vassal of Hungary. Up until its demise in 1540, it spent its entirety fighting the Turks. The state provided support and auxiliary troops to the Kingdom of Hungary.

Ottoman period

Ottoman Serbia

Serbian Revolution

First Serbian Uprising

Hadži Prodan's Revolt

Second Serbian Uprising
  • Battle of Ljubić
  • Battle of Čačak
  • Battle of Palez
  • Battle of Požarevac
  • Battle of Dublje

19th century

Modern era

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