Shadow Secretary of State for International Development

Shadow Secretary of State for International Development
Official portrait of Preet Kaur Gill MP crop 2.jpg
Preet Gill

since 6 April 2020
Appointer Leader of the Opposition
Website The Shadow Cabinet

The Shadow Secretary of State for International Development is the lead spokesperson for the United Kingdom's Official Opposition on issues related to the Department for International Development (DfID), which is responsible for international aid, most notably to the third world. The Shadow Secretary (usually with one or more junior shadow ministers) also holds the Secretary of State for International Development and other DfID ministers to account in Parliament. Before Tony Blair established DfID after coming to power in 1997, there was a Minister for Overseas Development ("Minister of" before 1970) who was a part of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Since 1989, the Shadow Minister or Shadow Secretary has usually been a member of the Shadow Cabinet.

Shadow Ministers and Secretaries

Shadow Minister for Overseas Development[edit]

Name Took office Left office Political party Leader
Robert Carr October 1964 October 1965 Conservative Alec Douglas-Home
Christopher Chataway Christopher Chataway (1972).jpg October 1965 31 March 1966 Conservative Edward Heath
Richard Wood No image.svg April 1966 c. October 1967 Conservative
Bernard Braine Bernard Braine.jpg c. October 1967 15 June 1970 Conservative
Judith Hart No image.svg 19 June 1970 4 March 1974 Labour Harold Wilson
Richard Wood No image.svg 4 March 1974 18 February 1975 Conservative Edward Heath
Unclear; possibly none[n 1] No image.svg 18 February 1975 15 January 1976 Conservative Margaret Thatcher
Richard Luce Official portrait of Lord Luce crop 2.jpg 15 January 1976 4 May 1979 Conservative
Judith Hart No image.svg 4 May 1979 8 December 1980 Labour James Callaghan
Frank McElhone No image.svg 8 December 1980 22 September 1982 Labour Michael Foot
Guy Barnett No image.svg 24 November 1982 31 October 1983 Labour
Stuart Holland No image.svg 31 October 1983 13 July 1987 Labour Neil Kinnock
Unclear No image.svg 13 July 1987 2 November 1989 Labour
Ann Clwyd Official portrait of Ann Clwyd crop 2.jpg 2 November 1989[1] 18 July 1992 Labour
Michael Meacher Michael Meacher 2005-12-09.jpg 18 July 1992[2] 21 October 1993 Labour John Smith
Tom Clarke TomClarkeMP.jpg 21 October 1993[3] 20 October 1994 Labour
Margaret Beckett
Joan Lestor No image.svg 20 October 1994[4] October 1996 Labour Tony Blair
Clare Short Clare Short, Birmingham for Gaza, January 2009 cropped.jpg 25 July 1996[5] 2 May 1997 Labour

Shadow Secretary of State for International Development[edit]

Name Took office Left office Political party Leader
Unclear[n 2] 2 May 1997 30 June 1997 Conservative John Major
Alastair Goodlad Official portrait of Lord Goodlad crop 2.jpg 30 June 1997[7] 1 June 1998 Conservative William Hague
Gary Streeter Official portrait of Mr Gary Streeter crop 2.jpg 1 June 1998[8] 14 September 2001 Conservative
Caroline Spelman Official portrait of Dame Caroline Spelman crop 2.jpg 14 September 2001[9] 10 November 2003 Conservative Iain Duncan Smith
John Bercow John Bercow.JPG 10 November 2003[10] 8 September 2004 Conservative Michael Howard
Alan Duncan Official portrait of Sir Alan Duncan crop 2.jpg 8 September 2004[11] 10 May 2005 Conservative
Andrew Mitchell Official portrait of Mr Andrew Mitchell crop 2.jpg 10 May 2005[12][13] 11 May 2010 Conservative
Douglas Alexander Douglas Alexander MP at Chatham House 2015 crop.jpg 11 May 2010[n 3] 8 October 2010 Labour Harriet Harman
Harriet Harman Official portrait of Ms Harriet Harman crop 2.jpg 8 October 2010[16] 7 October 2011 Labour Ed Miliband
Ivan Lewis Official portrait of Mr Ivan Lewis crop 2.jpg 7 October 2011[17] 7 October 2013 Labour
Jim Murphy Jim Murphy.jpg 7 October 2013[18] 2 November 2014 Labour
Mary Creagh Official portrait of Mary Creagh crop 2.jpg 5 November 2014[19] 12 September 2015 Labour
Harriet Harman
Diane Abbott Official portrait of Ms Diane Abbott crop 2.jpg 13 September 2015[20] 27 June 2016 Labour Jeremy Corbyn
Kate Osamor Official portrait of Kate Osamor MP crop 2.jpg 27 June 2016[21] 1 December 2018 Labour
Dan Carden Official portrait of Dan Carden MP crop 2.jpg 1 December 2018 6 April 2020 Labour
Preet Gill Official portrait of Preet Kaur Gill MP crop 2.jpg 6 April 2020 Incumbent Labour Keir Starmer

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