Siege of Freetown

Battle of Freetown
Part of Sierra Leone Civil War
Sierra Leone-Mappa.gif
Map of Sierra Leone
Date 1997-1998
Result Government victory
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Army
Nigeria Nigerian-led ECOMOG forces
Revolutionary United Front
Armed Forces Revolutionary Council
Commanders and leaders
Ahmad Tejan Kabbah
Maxwell Khobe
Foday Sankoh
Johnny Paul Koroma

The Siege of Freetown was a battle during the Sierra Leone Civil War. It began when Johnny Paul Koroma took over the power[1] from Ahmad Tejan Kabbah and began a dictatorship. In response, ECOMOG troops, led by Nigeria, helped the Sierra Leone Army to attack and remove Koroma from power and Kabbah was elected back in post. In revenge, Koroma's allies, the RUF, assaulted the city but were forced to retreat.

In fiction

The battle was portrayed in the film Blood Diamond.

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