Siegfried Fischer

Fritz Adolf Ferdinand Siegfried Fischer (14 July 1894 – 8 April 1976) was a Swedish actor, theatre manager, screenwriter and writer.[1]

He was born in Stockholm, the son of conductor Franz Fischer. At seventeen years old he was hired by Axel Lindblad's theatre company. He was engaged at Blancheteatern 1919–1921 and then at the Casinoteatern until 1928, where he also worked as a director and playwright. He ran Klippans sommarteater and Söders friluftsteater for a while where he staged comedies he had written with his brother, actor Arthur Fischer. He is buried in Skogskyrkogården in Stockholm.[2]


Selectred filmography


  • Augustas lilla felsteg (1933)
  • Munkbrogreven (1935)
  • Kronblom (1947)
  • Kronblom kommer till stan (1949)



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