Gilded crown on Skeppsholmsbron with Strandvägen in the background.

Skeppsholmsbron (Swedish: "The Skeppsholm Bridge") is in central Stockholm, Sweden, connecting Blasieholmen to Skeppsholmen.

The bridge, 165 metres long and 9.5 metres wide, consists of a 5.5 metre wide roadway flanked by 2 metre pathways, and has 5 arches.[1] It was the first forged iron bridge to be constructed in Sweden, manufactured by Motala Verkstad in 1861.[2]

The first bridge to connect Skeppsholmen to the rest of the city was a wooden bridge on poles, simply called Holmbron ("The Islet Bridge") and provided with a drawbridge, constructed by the admiralty in 1638-1640 when the camp of the Swedish Navy was relocated from Blasieholmen to Skeppsholmen. In 1822 the bridge was damaged in a fire, and subsequently replaced by a temporary pontoon bridge. Funded directly and still owned by the state, the present steel bridge was finally inaugurated in 1861.[1]

In 1935 the bridge together with other building and structures on Skeppsholmen and Kastellholmen were classified as historical landmarks, thus prohibiting replacing the bridge or altering its exterior, a decision nevertheless reassessed in the 1990s.[3]

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