Susilo Wonowidjojo

Susilo Wonowidjojo
Tjoa To Hing
Citizenship Indonesia
Parent(s) Surya Wonowidjoyo
Tan Siok Tjien

Susilo Wonowidjojo is an Indonesian billionaire businessman.


Wonowidjojo was born Cai Daoping ([3]) in Kediri, East Java to a prominent Chinese Indonesian (Hokchia totok) family.[3] He is the son of Surya Wonowidjojo, founder of Gudang Garam, a major Indonesian kretek (clove cigarette) manufacturer.[3]

Susilo Wonowidjojo has been the President Director of PT Gudang Garam Tbk since June 2009. He served as Vice-President Director at PT Gudang Garam Tbk. He has been a Director of PT Gudang Garam Tbk since 1976.[4]

Along with his family, Wonowidjojo owns Gudang Garam, the country's largest clove cigarette maker; the name translates to "salt warehouse". Shares hit a 4-year high in 2009 in the wake of a deal in which British American Tobacco bought a majority stake in its rival Bentoel International.[5]

Susilo was named president in June, replacing a non-family member who left in February. He and his brother Sumarto sit on the company's board while their sister, Juni Setiawati, is a company commissioner. Their brother Rachman Halim ran the business until his death in 2008.[6]


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