Suur Strait

Virtsu–Kuivastu waterway in the strait

Suur Strait (Estonian: Suur väin) is the strait in Estonia, lying between Muhu and Continental Estonia.[1] The strait (being itself part of Väinameri) connects Väinameri and Gulf of Riga.

Several islets are located in the strait: e.g. Papirahu, Kesselaid, Kõbajad, Viirelaid.

The strait maximum depth of 24 m is the deepest point in Väinameri.

Kuivastu Harbour is located at the strait. Over the strait goes VirtsuKuivastu waterway.

As of 2020 the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs was assessing the possibility of building either a bridge or tunnel across the Suur Strait.[2]

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Coordinates: 58°36′N 23°27′E / 58.600°N 23.450°E / 58.600; 23.450