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Tagonoura stable (田子ノ浦部屋, Tagonoura-beya), formerly Naruto stable is a stable of sumo wrestlers, one of the Nishonoseki group of stables.

The stable was established on 1 February 1989 by former yokozuna Takanosato Toshihide. The stable's first sekitori was Rikio in 1994. Four more, Wakanosato, Takanowaka, Takayasu and Kisenosato, have reached sekiwake rank, with Takayasu going on to reach the ōzeki rank, and the stable's first yokozuna being Kisenosato. It had a reputation for being a closed, family-knit stable, as Naruto did not allow his wrestlers to go out and train at other stables (which is unusual in sumo) or socialize with wrestlers from different stables.[1]

Naruto died suddenly on 7 November 2011. The stable's current master, former maegashira Takanotsuru, changed to the Tagonoura toshiyori in December 2013 and renamed the stable accordingly.[2] Upon changing the stable name, the stable was also moved to the Ryōgoku area from Matsudo, Chiba. It has no connection to the defunct Tagonoura stable established by the late Kushimaumi. As of January 2021 it had 14 wrestlers.

Ring name conventions

Many wrestlers at this stable have taken ring names or shikona that end with the character 里 (read: sato), meaning village or native place, in deference to their coach and the stable's owner, the deceased former Takanosato.


Notable active wrestlers

Notable former members


Araiso Yutaka (iin taigu toshiyori, the 72nd yokozuna Kisenosato)


  • Kimura Takao (jūryō gyōji, real name Keiichirō Shigeyama)
  • Kimura Takanosuke (makushita gyōji, real name Satoru Ishimaru)


  • Mitsuaki (jūryō yobidashi, real name Mitsuaki Kanai)


Location and access

Tokyo, Edogawa ward, Higashi Koiwa 4-9-20
10 minute walk from Koiwa Station on the Sōbu Line

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