Tanjung, Lombok

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From top, bottom to right: Market in Tanjung, Buddhist Temple Sutta Dhamma Lenek, Pura Medana a Hindu Temple in the west of Tanjung and Buddhist Temple Vihara Dhamma
Tanjung is located in Lombok
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Tanjung is located in Lesser Sunda Islands
Tanjung (Lesser Sunda Islands)
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Tanjung is located in Indonesia
Tanjung (Indonesia)
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Coordinates: 8°21′S 116°9′E / 8.350°S 116.150°E / -8.350; 116.150Coordinates: 8°21′S 116°9′E / 8.350°S 116.150°E / -8.350; 116.150
Country Indonesia
Region Lesser Sunda Islands
Province West Nusa Tenggara
Regency North Lombok Regency
 • Total 11,564 km2 (4,465 sq mi)
Time zone UTC+8 (ICST)
Area code (+62) 370
Villages 7

Tanjung is a district on the island Lombok. It is the local capital of the North Lombok Regency in the Indonesian province West Nusa Tenggara. "Tanjung" means "cape" in Indonesian.

Tanjung is known for its market and its temples. There is a new Buddhist temple (Sutta Dhamma Lenek) near Tanjung. Another Buddhist Temple, Vihara Dhamma, can be visited in the centre of Tanjung. About 800 Buddhists live in and around Tanjung. Pura Medana is a significant Hindu temple to the west of Tanjung on the small Sira peninsula.[1] Every Sunday a special cattle market is held in Tanjung.[2]

There are various waterfalls to the east of Tanjung such as Air Terjung Gangga (Gangga waterfall) and Air Terjun Tiu (Tiu waterfall) with a height of 30 metres.[3]

Administrative villages

Tanjung consists of 7 villages (kelurahan or desa) namely:

  • Jenggal
  • Medana
  • Sigar Penjalin
  • Sokong
  • Tanjung
  • Tegal Maja
  • Teniga


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