Team Unity (Saint Kitts and Nevis)

Team Unity
Founded 2015
Headquarters Campaign Headquarters,
Fort Street,
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Slogan "Better Together"
National Assembly
9 / 11
Nevis Island Assembly
4 / 5

Team Unity, stylised as TEAM UNITY or Team UNITY, is a political alliance of three political parties in Saint Kitts and Nevis.[1] It formed the government after the 2015 election,[2] with the member parties having worked together to win 7 of the 11 available seats in the National Assembly.[3] Following the 2020 election, Team Unity increased its representation to 9 seats, winning a majority again and allowing it to form a government.

Member parties

Party Abbr. National Assembly MP's Nevis Assembly MP's
People's Action Movement PAM
4 / 11
Concerned Citizens' Movement CCM
3 / 11
4 / 5
People's Labour Party PLP
2 / 11

The alliance between the parties meant that they did not stand candidates against each other in the election. The CCM only contest elections in Nevis anyway, with the other two parties therefore only contesting the St. Kitts constituencies.

Election results

Election year # of
% of
# of
overall seats won
+/– Govt?
2015 15,126 49.9
7 / 11
Increase3 Government
2020 15,308 54.86
9 / 11
Increase2 Government


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