Temptation Harbour

Temptation Harbour
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Temptation Harbour
Directed by Lance Comfort
Written by Rodney Ackland, Frederick Gotfurt
Produced by Victor Skutezky
Starring Robert Newton, Simone Simon, William Hartnell
Cinematography Otto Heller
Edited by Lito Carruthers
Music by Mischa Spoliansky
Distributed by Pathe Pictures
Release dates
1947 United Kingdom
27 March 1949 (USA)
Running time
91 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Box office £132,235[1]

Temptation Harbour is a British black and white crime/drama film directed by Lance Comfort, released in 1947 based on the novel Newhaven-Dieppe (L'Homme de Londres) by Georges Simenon. The film was made at Welwyn Studios with sets designed by the art director Cedric Dawe.


A signalman on a quay sees a fight between two men. One of the men is deliberately pushed into the water and the signalman cannot save him, but decides to keep his suitcase which later finds is full of banknotes with a value of £5000.[2]

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The film was based on Simenon's novella Affairs of Destiny which was restructured and relocated from France to England. The movie was a commercial success.[3]

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