The Daily Astorian

The Astorian
Daily Astorian front page.jpg
Front page from August 10, 2016
Type Newspaper published on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) EO Media Group (formerly known as the East Oregonian Publishing Company)
Publisher Kari Borgen
Editor Jim VanNostrand
Founded 1873
Language English
Headquarters 949 Exchange St.
Astoria, OR 97103
ISSN 0739-5078

The Astorian is a newspaper, published in Astoria, Oregon, United States, established nearly 148 years ago in 1873,[1] and in publication continuously since then.[2] The paper serves the Astoria, Warrenton, Seaside area, the Long Beach Peninsula, and surrounding areas. The newspaper is published Monday through Friday and has a circulation of approximately 8,400. It is owned by EO Media Group (formerly known as the East Oregonian Publishing Company), of Pendleton, Oregon.

The paper began publication on July 1, 1873, as the Tri-Weekly Astorian.[3] The name was changed to The Daily Astorian on May 1, 1876,[4] when publication became daily except Sundays. The paper's name has been altered several times since, becoming The Daily Morning Astorian in 1883, the Morning Astorian in 1899,[4] the Evening Astorian-Budget – after the Morning Astorian and the 1893-founded Astoria Evening Budget merged – in 1930, and The Daily Astorian in 1960. In 2019, it switched to publishing three times a week and is now known as 'The Astorian', dropping 'Daily' from its name.[3]

Its original publisher, DeWitt Clinton Ireland, sold the paper in 1880, and the publication has seen several changes of ownership since.[4] The East Oregonian Publishing Company became the newspaper's owner in 1973, when that company merged with the Astorian-Budget Publishing Company.[5] The purchase continued a connection between the East Oregonian, based some 300 miles (480 kilometres) to the east in Pendleton, Oregon, that had been established in 1909, when a group of East Oregonian staffers purchased the Astoria Budget.[6] That company changed its name to EO Media Group in January 2013.[7]

A new printing press was brought into use in February 2010, replacing one that had lasted since 1970. The new press was secondhand, from the Chicago Sun-Times, but was only five years old when acquired by the Astorian.[8]

In popular culture

In the 2005 film The Ring Two, The Daily Astorian was the workplace of fictional investigative journalist Rachel Keller. In the film, the newspaper headquarters is shown located at Astoria 12th and Marine Dr.


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