The Encyclopedia of the Third Reich

The Encyclopedia of the Third Reich is a two-volume text edited by Christian Zentner [de] and Friedemann Bedürftig [de],[1][2] first published in German in 1985.

The Encyclopedia of Third Reich is leading source materials for information about Nazi Germany and the reign of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party). The text covers nearly every major figure, organization, and event during the years of Nazi Germany. It does not, however, address the military history of World War II, only the role in which Nazi Germany participated through policies and national directives. The two-volume hard back edition and subsequent one volume soft back edition include more than 3000 specific subject entries and over 1200 "well-chosen illustrations".[3]

It is considered to be a critical text and it can be found at most major American and British universities. The Library Journal review stated it to be "...the definitive reference source for basic data on events in National Socialist Germany. Contributors include some of the former Federal Republic's (West Germany) best young historians".[3]

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