This Is the Moment

This is the Moment is a song by Frank Wildhorn and Leslie Bricusse, and is a major song of Frank Wildhorn and Steve Cuden's musical Jekyll & Hyde. Actors from the Broadway production like Robert Cuccioli, and David Hasselhoff sing it in the key of E.[verification needed]

'This is the Moment' is sung by Jekyll before he tests his formula on himself. In stage performances, the set typically transitions at this point between Jekyll's living room and his laboratory. When the song ends, Jekyll is in his laboratory, ready to test the formula.


There were a few changes in the lyrics of the song comparing the concept version and the actual version.

While in the concept lyrics, Jekyll sings:

"This is the day, Just see it shine, When all I've lived for, Becomes mine!"

In the actual version, he sings:

"This is the day, See it sparkle and shine, When all I've lived for, Becomes mine!"

The part in the concept version, when he sings:

"This is the moment, This is the hour, When I can open up tomorrow Like a flower, And put my hand to, Everything I planned to, Fulfill my grand design, See all my stars align!"

Where the melody is very similar to the beginning of the song, was totally changed, with the melody and lyrics changed to:

"For all these years, I've faced the world alone, And now the time has come To prove to them I've made it on my own!"


The song was translated to various languages in the foreign productions of Jekyll & Hyde, including Chinese, Finnish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, German, Swedish, and Spanish. It was also covered by Garry Hagger in Dutch as "Het mooiste moment".

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