Tobias Stimmer

House zum Ritter
Portrait of Jacob Schwytzer and his wife Elsbeth Lochmann
Portrait of Stimmer, Zentralbibliothek Zürich collection.

Tobias Stimmer (7 April 1539[1] – 4 January 1584[2]) was a Swiss painter and illustrator. His most famous work is the paintings on the Strasbourg astronomical clock. He died in Strasbourg.

He was born in Schaffhausen, and was active in Schaffhausen, Strasbourg and Baden-Baden as a wall and portrait painter. He made a great number of drawings for woodcuts (Bible scenes, allegories, etc.) which were published by the printer Sigmund Feyerabend in Frankfurt am Main, and Bernhart Jobin in Strasbourg.

Stimmer followed Hans Holbein the Younger, but developed his own mannerism. Among his wall paintings remain the "House zum Ritter" in Schaffhausen, although this was actually much restored and changed.


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