Tropical Storm Fay

The name Fay has been used for four tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean since Fran was retired in the spring of 1997. Of them, only one has reached hurricane strength. Another storm, Faye, was active in 1975.


  • Tropical Storm Fay (2002), a tropical storm that caused minor damage in Texas and northern Mexico
  • Tropical Storm Fay (2008), a near hurricane strength tropical storm that made landfall in Florida four times, the first known storm in history to do so
  • Hurricane Fay (2014), a Category 1 hurricane that affected Bermuda
  • Tropical Storm Fay (2020), a moderate tropical storm that affected New Jersey, earliest sixth named storm in the Atlantic basin

Southern Pacific

Australian Region

  • Cyclone Fay, a Category 5 storm (Category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson scale) that made landfall in Western Australia; name retired


See also

  • Hurricane Faye (1975), a similarly named Category 2 Atlantic hurricane that had minor effects in Bermuda


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