Under False Flag (1935 film)

Under False Flag
Directed by Gustaf Molander
Written by Sölve Cederstrand
Gösta Stevens
Adorján Bónyi (play A milliomos)
Hans H. Zerlett (A Man with Heart, 1932)
Starring Ernst Eklund
Tutta Rolf
Allan Bohlin
Music by Jules Sylvain
Cinematography Elner Åkesson
Distributed by Svensk Filmindustri
Release date
13 August 1935
Running time
76 minutes
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

Under False Flag (Swedish:Under falsk flagg) is a 1935 Swedish comedy film directed by Gustaf Molander and starring Ernst Eklund, Tutta Rolf and Allan Bohlin.[1]

The film's sets were designed by the art director Arne Åkermark.


  • Ernst Eklund as Karl Hammar
  • Tutta Rolf as Margot Hammar / Margot Hammarström
  • Allan Bohlin as Bertil Lagergren
  • Nils Ericson as Harry Jonsson
  • Karin Kavli as Britta Lundgren
  • Anna Lindahl as Maud Billing
  • Carin Swensson as Gunvor Berg
  • Erik 'Bullen' Berglund as Brink
  • Richard Lund as Staff manager
  • Constance Gibson as Mrs. Johansson
  • Eric Gustafson as Lundblom
  • Wiktor Andersson as Andersson
  • Bellan Roos as Maid
  • Sonja Claesson as Cook
  • Erik Rosén as Count Gylling
  • Tord Bernheim as Man on the bus
  • Rolf Botvid as Young man at the exhibition
  • Wiola Brunius as Guest at Hammar's party
  • Ernst Brunman as Board member
  • Alice Carlsson as Guest at Hammar's party
  • Eivor Engelbrektsson as Banana girl
  • Karin Granberg as Guest at Hammar's party
  • Gösta Grip as Guest at Hammar's party
  • Wilhelm Haqvinius as Board member
  • Anna-Lisa Hydén as Guest at Hammar's party
  • Sven Jerring as Radio reporter (voice)
  • Jullan Jonsson as Lina, Hammar's housemaid
  • Elvin Liberg as Larsson, Hammar's driver
  • Helge Mauritz as Board secretary
  • Einar Molin as Guest at Hammar's party
  • Yngve Nyqvist as Board member
  • Holger Sjöberg as Big man at the exhibition
  • Charles White as Black man at the exhibition

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