Vice President of Suriname

Vice President of the Republic of Suriname
Vicepresident van de Republiek Suriname
Ronnie Brunswijk ingezworen.png
Ronnie Brunswijk

since 16 July 2020
Style His Excellency
Appointer National Assembly
Term length Five years, renewable
Precursor Prime Minister of Suriname
Inaugural holder Henck Arron
Formation 26 January 1988
Deputy Deputy Vice President of Suriname (1988–1990)
Salary 116,870 USD annually[1]
Website Cabinet of the Vice-President

The vice president of Suriname (Dutch: Vicepresident van de Republiek Suriname) is the second-highest political position in Suriname, after the president. The president and the vice president are elected by the National Assembly for five-year terms.

The position of vice president was created in the Constitution of 1987, when the position of prime minister of Suriname was abolished. The vice president is charged with the day-to-day management of the Council of Ministers[2] and is responsible to the President.

Ronnie Brunswijk is the incumbent vice president of Suriname as of 16 July 2020. Brunswijk was elected on 13 July 2020 as vice president by acclamation in an uncontested election[3] and inaugurated on 16 July on the Onafhankelijkheidsplein in Paramaribo in ceremony without public due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[4][5]

Powers and duties

The powers of the president are exercised by the vice president:

  1. In case the president is declared unfit to exercise his powers;
  2. In case the president has laid down the exercise of his powers temporarily;
  3. As long as there is no president or if he is absent;
  4. If, in the case described in article 140, prosecution against the President has been initiated.

List of vice presidents


Political parties
Vice President Term of office Political party President
No. Portrait Name
Took office Left office Time in office
1 Henck Arron Schiphol persconferentie 1988 (cropped).jpg Henck Arron
26 January 1988 24 December 1990
2 years, 332 days NPS Ramsewak Shankar
2 JulesWijdenbosch2017.jpg Jules Wijdenbosch
(born 1942)
7 January 1991 16 September 1991 252 days NDP Johan Kraag
3 Jules Ajodhia.jpg Jules Ajodhia
(born 1945)
16 September 1991 15 September 1996 4 years, 365 days VHP Ronald Venetiaan
4 No image.png Pretaap Radhakishun
15 September 1996 12 August 2000 3 years, 332 days BVD Jules Wijdenbosch
(3) Jules Ajodhia.jpg Jules Ajodhia
(born 1945)
12 August 2000 12 August 2005 5 years VHP Ronald Venetiaan
5 Ramdien Sardjoe.jpg Ramdien Sardjoe
(born 1935)
12 August 2005 12 August 2010 5 years VHP
6 Robert Ameerali.jpg Robert Ameerali
(born 1961)
12 August 2010 12 August 2015 5 years ABOP Dési Bouterse
7 Ashwin Satyandre Adhin2.jpg Ashwin Adhin
(born 1980)
12 August 2015 16 July 2020 4 years, 339 days NDP
8 Brunswijk waarnemend.png Ronnie Brunswijk
(born 1961)
16 July 2020 Incumbent 1 year, 143 days
(as of 6 December 2021)
ABOP Chan Santokhi

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