Victoria Cougars

Victoria Cougars
Victoria Cougars logo.svg
City Victoria, British Columbia
Founded 1911
Home arena Patrick Arena
Head coach Lester Patrick
Championships 1925
Franchise history
1911โ€“1913 Victoria Senators
1913โ€“1916 Victoria Aristocrats
1916โ€“1917 Spokane Canaries
1918โ€“1922 Victoria Aristocrats
1922โ€“1926 Victoria Cougars

The Victoria Cougars were a major league professional ice hockey team that played in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA) from 1911 to 1924 under various names, and (after the PCHA's merger with the Western Canada Hockey League) in the Western Hockey League (WHL) from 1924 to 1926. The team was based in Victoria, British Columbia and won the Stanley Cup in 1925.


The original Victoria franchise of the PCHA, the Senators, were formed in 1911, and became the Aristocrats in 1913. That incarnation is best known for defeating the Stanley Cup champion Quebec Bulldogs in a 1913 exhibition series. The Aristocrats officially challenged the Toronto Blueshirts for the Cup the following year, but lost. In 1916 the team was forced to move to Spokane, Washington, after having their arena (Patrick Arena) commandeered by the Canadian military. The club folded the following year as the Spokane Canaries.

A new team was formed in 1918 and again were dubbed the Aristocrats, with players from the folded Portland Rosebuds. In 1922 they changed their name to the Victoria Cougars. Led by coach Lester Patrick, the Cougars would finally win a Stanley Cup in 1925 against the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League (NHL). The Cougars were the last non-NHL team to hoist the Stanley Cup as well as the last west coast team to win the Cup until the Anaheim Ducks won the Cup in 2007. They would attempt to repeat as champions in 1926 but they were unsuccessful as they lost the final series to the NHL's Montreal Maroons.

The WHL dissolved after the season. That spring, a group of businessmen from Detroit won an NHL expansion franchise and bought the rights to many of the players from the Stanley Cup finalist Cougars. The new NHL franchise would retain the nickname "Cougars" in tribute. The Detroit Cougars would later be renamed the Detroit Falcons, and would ultimately be renamed the Detroit Red Wings.

Among the notable players who wore the uniform of the Cougars were Hall of Famers Hec Fowler (goaltender), Frank Foyston, Frank Fredrickson, Hap Holmes (goaltender), Clem Loughlin, Harry Meeking and Jack Walker.


Note: W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, GF= Goals For, GA = Goals Against

Season Name League GP W L T GF GA Finish Playoffs
1912 Senators PCHA 16 7 9 0 81 90 3rd -
1912โ€“13 15 10 5 0 68 56 1st -
1913โ€“14 Aristocrats 15 10 5 0 80 67 1st Lost Stanley Cup playoff to Toronto Blueshirts
1914โ€“15 17 4 13 0 64 116 3rd -
1915โ€“16 18 5 13 0 74 102 4th -
1916โ€“17 Canaries 24 8 15 0 89 143 4th -
1918โ€“19 Aristocrats 20 7 13 0 44 81 3rd -
1919โ€“20 22 10 12 0 57 71 3rd -
1920โ€“21 24 10 13 1 21 72 3rd -
1921โ€“22 24 11 12 1 61 71 3rd -
1922โ€“23 Cougars 30 16 14 0 94 85 2nd Lost in PCHA playoff
1923โ€“24 30 11 18 1 78 103 3rd -
1924โ€“25 WCHL 28 16 12 0 84 63 3rd Won WCHL, Won Stanley Cup
1925โ€“26 WHL 30 15 11 4 68 53 3rd Won WHL, Lost Stanley Cup final

Victoria Cougars: 1925 Stanley Cup champions


Stanley Cup engraving

  • After the series win, a new angled ring with the words "Won/By/'Cougars' Victoria, B.C. 1925" was added between the original bowl of the Cup and the original first ring of the base. All players and the manager were included on the new ring, but trainer Larry Brunnell was left off.

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