Wayte Raymond

Wayte Raymond (1886–1956) was a numismatist from the United States. He authored several numismatic books and catalogs[1] and his Standard Catalog was considered the premier coin guide of its time.[2] He was inducted into the Numismatic Hall of Fame in 1969. He is perhaps best known for his "boards" or albums designed to hold sets of coin series; for example, collectors could store the complete run of Flying Eagle and Indian Cent regular issues in a single 7.5-by-14-inch (190 mm × 360 mm) cardboard page with sliding plastic windows containing 70 slots for each date 1857–1909 and a couple notable varieties, such as the 1858 large- and small-letter varieties. These are the inception of millions of albums produced today for collectors.[3]

Publications by Raymond

  • Coins of the World: 19th Century. New York.
  • Coins of the World: 20th Century 1901–1950. Published by Raymond Wayte Incorporated, New York.
  • The Silver Dollars of North and South America.

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