Wolfgang Hahn

Wolfgang Hahn
Born (1911-04-30)April 30, 1911
Died January 10, 1998(1998-01-10) (aged 86)
Citizenship Germany
Alma mater University of Berlin
Known for Hahn polynomials, Hahn difference, Hahn ensemble, Hahn q-addition, Hahn–Exton q-Bessel function
Scientific career
Fields Mathematics
Institutions TU Braunschweig, TU Graz
Doctoral advisor Issai Schur

Wolfgang Hahn (April 30, 1911 – January 10, 1998) was a German mathematician who worked on special functions, in particular orthogonal polynomials.

He introduced Hahn polynomials, Hahn difference, Hahn q-addition (or Jackson-Hahn-Cigler q-addition), and the Hahn–Exton q-Bessel function. He was an honorary member of the Austrian Mathematical Society.


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