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Coordinates: 45°15′12″N 82°29′04″E / 45.25333°N 82.48444°E / 45.25333; 82.48444
Kintra Kazakhstan
Province Almaty Province
Destrict Sarkand Destrict
 • Total 4,698
Time zone UTC+6 (Omsk Time)

Dostyk (Kazakh: Достық) or Druzhba (Roushie: Дружба) is a smaw toun in Kazakhstan's Almaty Province, on the border wi Xinjiang, Cheenae. It is a port o entry (bi heich-gate an railwey) frae Cheenae. The rail portion serves as a important link in the Eurasie Laund Brig.

The atween the Soviet Union an the PRC tae connect Kazakhstan with Wastren Cheenae bi rail wis achievit in 1954. On the Soviet side, the railwey reached the border toun o Druzhba (Dostyk) (whose names, baith Roushie an Kazakh, mean 'friendship' in each respective leid) in 1959. On the Cheenese side, housomeivver, the wastwaird construction o the Lanzhou-Xinjiang railwey wis stoppit ance it reached Urumqi in 1962. Due tae the Sino-Soviet Split, the border toun remained a sleepy backwatter for some 30 years, till the railwey link wis feenally completit on 12 September 1990.

The port o entry on the Cheenese side is Alashankou.

Thare is a bogie exchaynge depot tae facilitate the throu muivement o fricht an passengers railcaurs.[1]

The railwey netwirks o the twa kintras uise different gauges (Cheenae, like maist o Europe, uises the staundart gauge o 1,435 mm/​4 ft 8 12 in, but Kazakhstan uisses the broader Roushie gauge o 1,520 mm/​4 ft 11 2732 in), so thare are breaks o gauge. It is proposed tae build a staundart gauge Transcontinental Railwey tae link Europe an Cheenae tae bypass these twa breaks o gauge. This project wis signed in 2004.[2]

The ither end o this proposed uniform gauge line is at Gorgan in Iran.[3]

  • Qazaqstan Temir Zholy (Kazakhstan Railweys)
  • Kyakhta