George VI

George VI
King George VI LOC matpc.14736 (cleaned).jpg
Formal portrait, c. 1940–46
Keeng o the Unitit Kinrick
an the Breetish Dominions (mair...)
Ring 11 December 1936 – 6 Februar 1952
Coronation 12 Mey 1937
Predecessor Edward VIII
Successor Elizabeth II
Prime Ministers See leet
Emperor o Indie
Ring 11 December 1936 – 14 August 1947
Predecessor Edward VIII
Successor Position abolished
Born 14 December 1895 (1895-12-14)
York Cottage, Sandringham House, Norfolk, Unitit Kinrick
Dee'd 6 February 1952 (1952-02-07) (aged 56)
Sandringham Hoose, Norfolk
Buirial 15 Februar 1952
St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle
Spouse Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
Issue Elizabeth II
Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
Full name
Albert Frederick Arthur George
Hoose Hoose o Windsor
Faither George V
Mither Mary o Teck

George VI (Albert Frederick Arthur George; 14 December 1895 – 6 Februar 1952) wis Keeng o the Unitit Kinrick an the Dominions o the Breetish Commonwealth frae 11 December 1936 till his daith. He wis the last Emperor o Indie, an the first Heid o the Commonwealth.

As the seicont son o King George V, he wis nae expectit tae inherit the throne an spent his early life in the shadow o his elder brither, Edward. He served in the Ryal Navy an Ryal Air Force durin World War I, an efter the war teuk on the uisual roond o public engagements. He mairit Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon in 1923 an thay haed twa dauchters, Elizabeth an Margaret.

George's elder brither ascended the throne as Edward VIII on the daith o thair faither in 1936. Houiver, later that year Edward revealed his desire tae mairy the divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson. Breetish Prime Meenister Stanley Baldwin advised Edward that for poleetical an religious reasons he could nae mairy Simpson an remain king. Edward abdicatit in order tae mairy, an George ascended the throne as the third monarch o the Hoose o Windsor.