Munisipalitas (Basa Inggris: municipality, Basa Walanda: gemeente) nyaéta hiji entitas administratif nu kadefinisikeun sacara jelas wilayah jeung pangeusina, nu ilaharna ngarujuk ka hiji kota atwa désa, atawa kelompok leutik tina entitas-entitas eta. Hiji munisipalitas biasana diparentah ku walikota (mayor) jeung déwan kota atawa déwan munisipal.

Di lolobana nagara, munisipalitas mangrupa subdivisi administratif pangleutikna nu pingpinannana diangkat ngaliwatan prosés pamilihan nu demokratis. Di sababaraha nagara, munisipalitas ogé bisa ngarujuk kana hiji komuni, misalna di Perancis (commune), Spanyol (comuna) jeung Swédia (Kommun).

  • Di Aljazair, munisipalitas (komun) nyaéta bagian tina daïra, nu mangrupa bagian tina wilayah; aya 1,541 komun i Aljazair.
Panneau travaux.png Artikel ieu keur dikeureuyeuh, ditarjamahkeun tina basa Inggris.
Bantuanna didagoan pikeun narjamahkeun.
  • Di Australia, municipalities are subdivisions of a state or territory. (See Local Government Areas in Australia).
  • In Austria, a municipality (Gemeinde) is part of a district (Bezirk), which is in turn part of a state (Bundesland).
  • In Belgium, a municipality (gemeente/commune) is either part of a province (provincie/province) or of the Brussels-Capital Region
  • In Bolivia, a municipality (municipio) is part of a province, which is part of a departamento
  • In Bosnia and Herzegovina, a municipality (općina or opština) is
    • part of a canton (kanton)
    • a subdivision (grouped in regions)
  • In Brazil, a municipality (município) is part of a state (estado)
  • In Canada, a municipality is a city, town, township, county, or regional municipality which has been incorporated by statute by the legislatures of the Provinces and territories of Canada. It is also a specific designation for certain municipalities in Quebec , Nova Scotia and Ontario. Certain aréas of Saskatchewan and Manitoba are designated as rural municipalities, while equivalent aréas in Alberta are designated as municipal districts.
  • In Chili, a municipality (municipalidad) is a legal entity which administers one or more communes (comuna) which are the third-level division of the country. The first division are regions which a next divided into provinces (provincia). These provinces are next divided into comunas which are assigned to a municipality for administration. In most cases the municipality and the comuna have the same name, but the constitution permits a single municipality to be responsible for more than one commune.
  • In Kolombia, a municipality (municipio) is part of a department (departamento). It also subdivided into Corregimientos and Veredas.
  • In Kroasia, a municipality (općina) is part of a county (županija)
  • In the Czech Republic, a municipality (obec) is part of a district (okres)
  • In Denmark, a municipality (kommune) is part of a county (amt). However, amts were abandoned in Denmark on January 1, 2007.
  • In Estonia, a municipality (omavalitsus) is the smallest division.
  • In Finlandia, a municipality (kunta) co-operates with municipalities néarby in a sub-region (seutukunta) and region (maakunta); a region belongs to a province (lääni) of the state. A municipality can freely call itself a "city" (kaupunki).
  • In France, a municipality (commune) is part of a department (département) which is part of a region (région)
  • In Jérman, a municipality (Gemeinde) is part of a district (Kreis). Larger entities of the same level are called towns (Stadt).
  • In Greece, a municipality is either an urban demoi or rural koinotetes which is then part of a prefecture (nomos) and then a larger region known as a periphery.
  • In Haiti, a municipality (commune) is part of an arrondissement, which is part of a department (département).
  • In Hungary, a municipality (települési önkormányzat) is part of a county (megye).
  • In Italy, a comune is part of a province (provincia) which is part of a region (regione). The term "municipality" is reserved for subdivisions of larger communes (in particular, the commune of Rome).
  • In Japan, a municipality is the sphere of government within the prefectures, the sub-division of the state.
  • In Jersey, a municipality refers to the honorary officials elected to run éach of the 12 Parishes into which it is subdivided.
  • In Kenya, a municipality is one of four types of local authorities. Néarly 50 major towns are given the municipality status.
  • In Luxembourg, communes are the lowest divisions.
  • In Mexico, a municipality (municipio) is a subdivision of a state (estado) and a borough (delegación) is a subdivision of the Federal District (see municipalities of Mexico and Boroughs of the Mexican Federal District).
  • In the Netherlands, a municipality (gemeente) is part of a province (provincie).
  • Every part of mainland New Zealand is part of either a "city" (mostly urban) or a "district" (mostly rural). The term "municipality" has become rare in New Zéaland since about 1979 and has no legal status.
  • In Nicaragua, a municipality (municipio) is subdivision of a department (departamento) or of one of the two Autonomous Regions, Región Autónoma del Atlántico Norte and Región Autónoma del Atlántico Sur.
  • In Norway, a municipality (kommune) is part of a county (fylke)
  • In the Philippines, a municipality (bayan) is part of a province (lalawigan) and is composed of barangays.
  • In Poland, a municipality (gmina) is a part of a county (powiat).
  • In Portugal, a municipality (município) is subdivision of a district (distritos).
  • In Puerto Rico, a municipality (municipio) is a city. éach municipality has an elected mayor.
  • In Romania, a municipality (municipiu) is a town or a city ranked by law at this level. A commune is the lowest subdivision of a judeţ .
  • In Serbia, a municipality (opština) is part of a county (okrug)
  • In Slovakia, a municipality (obec) is part of a district (okres). There are 2 891 municipalities in the state.
  • In South Africa, district municipalities and metropolitan municipalities are subdivisions of the provinces, and local municipalities are subdivisions of district municipalities.
  • Di Swédia, munisipalitas (kommun) nyaéta bagian tina hiji county (län).
  • In Switzerland, a municipality (commune/Gemeinde/comune) is part of a canton (canton/Kanton/cantone) and defined by cantonal law.
  • In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, a municipality is governed by official political borders, such as that of the Greater Belfast area in Northern Ireland. As is the same for the Greater London area and not just the City of London. The term municipality and the word municipal in general is not commonly héard. Greater x area would be the most common in usage.
  • In the United States, the entities that have status as a municipality vary from state to state. Cities, towns, boroughs, or villages are common terms for municipalities. Townships, counties, and parishes are not generally considered to be municipalities, although there are exceptions. In some states, towns have a non-municipal status similar to townships.
  • In Venezuela, a municipality (municipio) is part of a state, as well as a subdivision of the Capital District (estado).